What is good tequila

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What is good tequila?

Circulo Tequila stands out from other spirited beverages for its long and meticulous process, along with a legendary tradition that results in an outstanding level of refinement that exceeds all expectations of the 21st Century palates.

Directly from the ‘Highlands of Jalisco’, with its high plateaus, wide plains and shallow valleys; its beautiful reddish tone soil that contribute to the plant iron and essential minerals; its lake sediments and basaltic block formations; a climate of wide temperatures and high humidity, as well as a height that exceeds 2000 meters above sea level, have allowed the development of these exceptionally fertile soils for growing Tequilana Weber blue agave, all of which, along with our special care and dedication, give that unique character to Circulo Tequila, filling it with a noble spirit that reflects not only the natural wealth of these lands but also the great passion and dedication of all the people involved in this exciting project.

The planting and growth of the blue agave takes at least eight years to get its optimum ripening, symbolizing a patient dialogue between nature and man for more than a hundred moons until its final harvest, offering its life in sacrifice while its essence transcends and is reborn into this spirited Mexican elixir.

Our secret for creating an outstanding beverage with a refreshing, sophisticated flavor begins with a very careful selection of the ripest agaves (7 to 13 years old), a very slow cook time (48 hours) in brick ovens, the extraction of the exquisite agave syrup, its fermentation in stainless steel tanks with French yeast from the Champagne region for a whole week while classical music is played sending positive vibrations to the living yeast as it works converting sugars into alcohol, ending with a double distillation that gives the finest flavor to our Circulo Silver.

Afterwards, the tequila is aged for one year in new American white oak barrels to extract the delicious flavors of the wood, assuring a remarkable smoothness to Circulo Reposado.

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