Features and benefits of tequila

Agave cultivation dates back to millennial times, and after the Spanish conquer, this ‘Wonder Tree’ was also valued by the Spaniards as a miraculous source of life and good health.

Nowadays, more than 200 species of this genus are known with an antiquity of 10 million years, and its first use for food purposes is historically located in Mexico almost 9,000 years ago.

The species from which the tequila is extracted is Tequilana Weber blue agave, a plant that stands out by its narrow, rigid, long, blue blades of magnificent beauty.  In a 100% pure tequila, its exquisite flavor comes from the syrup of this mythical plant’s peculiar characteristics.

Tequila is the only beverage in the world which raw material has an absolutely Mexican origin with an historical background wrapped in legendary traditions, which makes it a true ambassador of the Mexican culture, preserving a certain halo of mysticism since the ancient inhabitants of the first native civilizations used it on their offerings and rituals, considering it as a precious gift of the gods only worthy of the noblest, wisest and most honorable men.

All of the benefits of drinking tequila have survived until today.  So, if you drink it with moderation, you can enjoy all of the following benefits:

  • lower cholesterol levels in the blood, improving the cardiovascular function
  • better absorption of calcium
  • muscle relaxation and insomnia aid
  • fat dissolution, improved digestion and metabolism acceleration
  • healthy intestinal flora development
  • optimal lipid process
  • improved symptoms of colitis and irritable bowel syndrome
  • insulin production stimulation that counteracts diabetes
  • lower/fewer flu symptoms
  • appetite and anxiety reduction
  • aphrodisiac properties

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