The fascinating concept of the perfect geometric shape as the name and great inspiration for us to create Circulo Tequila, comes from a magical archaeological site named Guachimontones, an ancient settlement comprising a number of shooting graves and circular ceremonial centers, located in the foothills of the Tequila Volcano in Teuchitlán in the state of Jalisco, Mexico.

The recent discovery of this mysterious place by the anthropologist and researcher Phil C. Weigand, totally changed the conception of the Mexican western native civilizations, so because of Guachimontones’ high level of development (between 200 BC and 800 AD), it is now widely recognized as an uncommonly advanced culture that flourished ahead of other civilizations such as Teotihuacán and Tenochtitlán, promoting the development of an elaborated economic, political and social order along with the rising of great communities, obsidian workshops and complex circular architecture as their hallmark, a unique contribution to the world architecture repertoire.

After a deep study of this surprising civilization more than 2,000 years old and because of its cultural and anthropological importance, we discovered that, from ancient times, the circle has been attributed sacred qualities that are permanently present in the universe, both physical and spiritual, because more than just a shape, the circle is a continuous moving line that represents all cycles in life in a constant evolution.  Therefore, Circulo Tequila represents the evolution of tequila, as it continuously evolves to meet the demands of the people of today.

Circulo Tequila is a brand that is committed to supporting the town of Teuchitlán in the preservation of its culture, continuous prosperity and welfare of its people.  That’s why since the beginning of our project, we have helped sponsor the town yearly fair, and also contributing with the gastronomy of the town by helping local restaurants to improve their image, making their menus more attractive to stimulate the flow of tourism in their community.

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