5 Things You MUST Know About Tequila

Circulo Tequila brings tequila into a new level: turning ordinary into amazing, awakening your senses in an original, refreshed way through a very refined flavor that exceeds the expectations of any palate around the world.

From the most privileged area in the so called ‘The Highlands of Jalisco’, the quality, flavor and personality of Circulo Tequila are the result of a careful selection of ripe agaves, cultivated in Arandas’ region, slowly cooked in brick ovens, fully honoring a legendary tradition supervised meticulously by our special team of professional, experienced tequila Masters.

Through a very careful double distillation process (for Circulo Silver) and its subsequent aging in American white oak barrels (for Circulo Reposado), we’ve created a superior quality beverage with an extraordinary smooth flavor made of 100% Tequilana Weber blue agave, the essential ingredient which makes it a sophisticated, pure Mexican elixir with an exquisite personality, Kosher certificated in an incredible and unique avant-garde design bottle.

We have added our own ‘turn’ on tequila, bringing it to the 21st Century as one of the highest quality spirits with a level of refinement that competes not only with other Super Premium tequilas, but also with any other top shelf liquor from vodka to cognac.

Thanks to a perfect combination of the traditional and the contemporary and through a history in constant evolution, focused on achieving an everlasting prestige without leaving out that magical connection with our prehispanic roots, with Circulo Tequila we encourage you to look for the positive in every moment and enjoy life in its true essence. TURN THE MOMENT!

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